The story so far

Posted by Susan Plath on

Welcome to our first blog! Many of you know our story from the start, but for those who don’t, here’s a little bit of background of what’s happened since January this year....
After evacuating from the bushfire threat near the tourist town of Bright, Victoria in January 2020, Kevin and Susan returned a week later to an empty town.
A giant cold room in their restaurant that had $20,000 of rotting food needed to be cleaned out. It was heartbreaking on so many levels. Fear, stress, despair were their initial feelings.

Susan posted a photo of an empty fridge on Instagram to show people the challenges that some businesses faced, and to highlight the fact that not everyone was well placed to open their doors, especially when there were no people to walk in them. She wanted to show people the reality of the situation, which at the time, seemed to be overlooked on some social media sites who were set up to help bushfire affected businesses. After a lot of time scrolling social media to research how to get support for sauce, it was evident that pretty, ‘on-trend’ pics were being posted, and other businesses that didn’t meet that brief were being overlooked. 
Susan decided to created an online store to sell a BBQ sauce they had recently started selling in bottles in the restaurantl She shared it with family and friends, and asked them to also share it.
A few days after the “empty fridge picture”, Empty Esky (yes, there was a theme), contacted Susan and asked if they could share her story. Of course she said yes, but not thinking it would go far. It was nice to hear from a good cause that wasn’t all about the trendy pic requirement!
Empty Esky posted a photo of the sauce, and some words around their situation, and set a goal to sell 100 bottles. That day ended with 500 sold. The next day was 1000.
The media then got interested, and published their good news story, and from there, more orders came in. At the end of February over 4500 had been sold.
The support from unknown, kind hearted people has been overwhelming. To upscale a new business at the rate we have has been tiring and a tad stressful but totally amazing.
The future is very bright for us now - ongoing sales continue, and the interest in our story (and our exciting journey) continues with business leaders, the media, and our many many supporters.
And who would have thought that posting a picture of our loyal, yet empty boring silver fridge William would have made our sauce famous!
We are SO glad we didn’t pay attention to some people at the start, who not only discouraged us from showing our reality by posting a photo of William, but they also wanted us to pretend that everything was fine, and it was business as usual. To us, that wasn’t being honest, to us and our situation, and to people wanting to know how tough things really were.
Enjoy our sauce and enjoy our journey. We’ve now sold just over 7000 bottles, and have new flavours launching this year.
Our story has been told by, 3AW, ABC radio, The Project, The Weekend Today Show, Smart Company, RACV Royal Auto, Maggie Beer’s newsletter, CNN, 7 News, The Good Food Guide, and many others I can’t remember right now. The support via instagram and Facebook has been mind blowing.
We are so grateful to everyone, and we are very excited about where The Alpine Sauce Co is heading.